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Vehicle Storage location: 31 Henry Ford Cir. Waldorf, 20602
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Private Vehicle Impound

Big Ben's Towing & Recovery Offers prompt and efficient vehicle impounds services to Real Estate, Property Maintenance, Rental Management Service, Condominiums & Townhouses, Facilities Management and Apartment Building. We provide convenient 24/7 service. Our drivers are trained in-house, and are happy to furnish copies of our operating licenses and certificates. We provide the use of our flat-bed trucks so we can avoid damage to vehicle chassis and bumper. We NEVER hoist or lift any vehicle by its bumpers.

In addition, our wreckers are outfitted with the latest safety gear for safely towing sports cars and other exotic vehicle with low ground clearance, as depicted below

Services Provided
Full Service on all Private Impound

Free Yellow Curb Painting with a sign annual contract agreement

Free Removal of all abandoned, Inoperable vehicle

Available 24 Hrs Towing

Free sign Posting with a sign annual contract agreement
Secure Storage Facitlity with 24 hrs Surveillance

Discounted rates for on-site relocation for maintenance purposes

All Impounded Vehicles are called into the local County Police Department for Identification purposes

Violation Stickers applied at no extra charge

Holiday Towing unless specified by Management company
Professional , Qualified and Courteous Drivers

Personalized Service; all impounded & towing services done by

BIG BEN'S TOWING & RECOVERY, No other sub leasing companies

All service packages are custom for each Management Association



Towing and Impounding assignments can be conveniently placed with our company via phone, fax, or email. For ours administrative needs, we routinely notify the relevant law enforcement authorities of impounded vehicles within one hour of leaving the property, (along with the required information). For some jurisdictions, we securely attach a legible copy of the receipt to the vehicle (in a conspicuous place).

We additionally provide a report to our client within 24 hours of leaving the property. In the event that our client's office is closed, we can email or fax the information. Big Ben's Towing & Recovery can provide a receipt for each vehicle towed, to include various information pertinent to the impounded vehicle, such as:

                Make, model, color, and year of the vehicle

     VIN and tags number

     Address the vehicle was towed from

     Reason for the tow

     Date and time of tow

                Storage site where the vehicle will be stored




     Our solid reputation in the industry

     Prompt, safe, and efficient service

     Competitive rates

     Our radio dispatched drivers always use the most direct route to the vehicle FOB destination

     For government assignments, we allow other government agencies to participate at the same rates

For questions or additional information, please contact us.


“We Don’t Want an Arm & Leg, Just Your Tows”

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